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Medical Exercise

As a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, Eric designs medical exercise programs that support the client by improving function, avoiding injury, managing disease state, and supporting overall health and wellness throughout all phases of a client's medical intervention. Through specialized programs that complement a client's specific situation, Eric supports recovery from injury as well as pain management. In addition, Eric has 30+ years of experience working with those who have mild to severe conditions ranging from heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and muscular skeletal disorders, to more complex conditions such as multiple sclerosis and ataxia. 


Medical exercise programs can include:

  • Rehabilitation and strengthening following traumatic or repetitive injury

  • Reeducating posture and alignment

  • Management of temporary or chronic pain

  • Optimization of longevity of physical function and quality of life


Knowing that it can take a village to help manage recovery or stabilize certain conditions, Eric works with the client's physician, physical therapist, and other members of the individual's medical team as asked to maximize the client's ability to fully benefit from any medical exercise program.

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