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 $40 per half hour session* - in person or virtual.

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Obtain Your Dance Goals

Debra Meyer

Beaverton | Oregon

 Debra Meyer I have been dancing with Eric Zimmer for approximately two years. Eric is an amazing instructor knowledgeable in numerous dance genres including ballet, modern, country western, salsa, argentine tango and others. He is professional and patient and will work with you to obtain your dance goals. Eric also is an expert on the human anatomy and has helped me to correct my posture and increase my flexibility. I highly recommend Eric, you will not be disappointed! Thank you, Eric, I feel blessed to have you guide me on my dance journey.



Excellent Fitness Trainer 

Stephanie Buzbee

 Eric Zimmer is an excellent fitness trainer who is also professionally trained in dance. He brings this exceptional fusion of knowledge and skill to his students in dance. His warm teaching style and his ability to individualize instruction in a group setting has benefited my family as we have pursued our interest in social dancing. Eric took on our little group of mostly non-dancers and worked very hard to find ways to successfully teach my husband and brother-in-law, sixty-something athletes, and my sister, also a non-dancer, the basics of Argentine tango and nightclub two step. Our regular dance lessons have become a fun and eagerly anticipated family event and my husband will be ready for his father-daughter dance at our daughter's wedding. Thank you, Eric, for taking on the challenge of sharing your love of dance with dancers and non-dancers alike.

Expert Training

Esther Halvorson-Hill
Lake Oswego | Oregon

 Just had to add another thank you to Eric. Under his expert training, I have now completed a 5K race at age 73 and am healthier than ever.

A Man of Many Talents

Heather Stewart
Portland | OR

A Man of Many Talents Eric came into my life as a weekly yoga instructor at my office. From there he also helped me (and many others at my office) with workstation ergonomics, race posture and some energetic entertainment at the holiday party. Eric has helped me become more aware of my body at work, rest and play. He's changed my life for the better!


A Ballet Teacher loves this class!

Donna Morris
Portland | Oregon

A Ballet Teacher loves this class! As a professional in ballet for over 30 years I know the benefits of dance very well. I recently had the pleasure of taking Eric's class. His innovative use of ballet barre and floor exercise is expertly taught, challenging and yet suitable for all levels of fitness. If you want a dancer's body, do this workout!
~ Donna Morris
Artistic Director for Donna Morris Dance Company and the Ballet Academy at the Lakewood Center



Eric is amazing!

Esther Halvorson-Hill
Portland | Oregon

Eric is amazing! He tailors workouts to specific needs of each individual. I am twice as healthy as I was before starting training with him. He is very personable and skilled at what he does. He is also a fantastically talented dancer.



Caroline Perris

Eric is a fantastic dance/fitness instructor. As both a private and group instructor he is patient, attentive and helpful. I recently restarted ballet after a long break and find his barre class especially helpful for learning/mastering basic technical elements of ballet. Eric keeps his classes fun and challenging (but not too challenging). I have also begun working with Eric privately. As a private instructor, Eric has helped me develop a repertoire of exercises to improve my strength, flexibility, and posture in order to improve my dance technique. He is incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness and is wonderful at working with people of all different ages and skill levels.


I am continuously amazed...

Kimi Lotz

I am continuously amazed... I have been working with Eric for over 6 years and I am continuoulsly amazed by the knowledge that is occupying his brain. I significantly broke my ankle 20 years ago and I, unfortunately, live in chronic pain. With that, I am always bringing a challenge to our sessions because of the compensation that is caused by my ankle. Eric is eager to teach, empathize, and support me in any way that I need it. I feel incredibly grateful to have him in my life and I am looking forward to working with him for many years to come.



Stephanie Buzbee

Bravo! I love dance and Eric's barre class is a great workout. After four weeks in Eric's class, I already see a crossover improvement in my other activities involving balance and core strength. Eric is an accomplished dancer, very inspirational to watch, and he is an excellent teacher. His classes are fun, positive, and focused. Eric uses his extensive knowledge of dance and exercise physiology to help each participant move to their next level of ability and fitness. Short version: amazing class, amazing instructor, amazing results. Bravo!



Thanks Woody (Jim Woods) for the photo! It seemed appropriate that The Zimmers have a club named aft
Another day teaching and sharing dance with students. In this case, my student and friend, Leslie
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About Me

I graduated from the University of Montana with a degree in Health and Human Performance.  My in-depth studies of human anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and biomechanics awarded me the title of Health and Fitness Specialist. While attending college I concurrently embarked on a professional track as a dancer, immersing myself in ballet, modern and jazz. My studies eventually expanded to include ballroom, country, Argentine tango and west coast swing.  I combined my education to encompass personal training, dance instruction, choreography, performance and competition.

My post-graduate studies included becoming a Certified Medical Exercise Specialist, Stott Pilates Instructor and Ballroom  Instructor. My varied background and expertise allows me to see clients and students dealing with physical discomfort as well as those seeking higher levels of technical dance and movement proficiency. 

In addition to comprehensive fitness and technical training, my specialty is in developing preventive wellness programs to address postural and alignment concerns and manage musculoskeletal pain in the dance and fitness population.



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